SITAEL offers a complete Small (Micro and Mini) Satellites Product Line, based on smart, modular and scalable platform solutions, able to cover a wide range of possible missions/applications in satellites-class range from 50 kg to 300 kg, mainly for LEO Earth Observation (PAN-VIS, NIR/SWIR/TIR, Multi/Hyperspectral), but also for small Telecom missions (i.e. LEO/MEO small constellations) and small SAR P/L (i.e. companion satellite for bi-static applications).

Sitael Small Satellites


SITAEL provides the whole end-to-end system, built around low cost, multi-purpose platforms, most of them equipped with advanced electric propulsion to ensure greater flexibility in orbit maneuvering/control and significant mission lifetime extension. SITAEL main platform products are S-50 (up to 50 kg S/C mass), S-75 (up to 75 kg S/C mass) and S-200 (up to 200 kg S/C mass).

Adapter and Separation Systems

SITAEL Adapters and Separation Systems for microsatellites provide an efficient and affordable solution for spacecraft/launch vehicle interface and satellites separation. The systems are based on Non Explosive Actuators (NEA) and “Four clamps” configuration, typical for the micro and mini class spacecraft.