Connectivity solutions based on embedded electronics to enable remote control & data exchange


SITAEL constantly extends the Internet of Things paradigm to different markets to create new value, with regard to end-user interaction and supply-chain optimization, focusing on hardware & software solutions integrated with mobile and cloud computing.

SITAEL covers all the processes needed to Design, Develop and Produce innovative turn-key solutions with reliable HW/SW/FW electronic applications. Great resources are specifically dedicated to the creation of user interfaces and product look and feel, in order to reach the best User Experience in terms of accessibility, usability and engagement.

  • We provide unique and innovative technology to engage users while helping brands to stand out and compete.

    Matteo Pertosa
    Matteo Pertosa Chief Executive Officer at SITAEL S.p.A.

SITAEL flexibility and deep knowledge of design and development of breaking new products ensures the highest quality attention to each project while optimizing costs and development times.

SITAEL is a leading contractor and preferred partner for the main stakeholders in several international projects for different markets, thanks to its high qualified employees and more than twenty years of proven experience.