e-Bike Management System


ESB is the first e-bike management system designed and fully developed by SITAEL. It was born from a top ranked project during “Smart Cities and Social Innovation”, a program dedicated to innovators promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.


The System

ESB integrates e-bike, mobile and cloud computing technologies.
Depending on the embedded electronics versions, eCore or ePlus , the system retrieves Diagnostic and Geo-location data from the e-bike, sends them online via cloud technology and creates helpful information for professional users, such as: better vehicle control, accurate maintenance, personalized customer service, or fleet management.

The Mobile App

New opportunities to communicate and interact are available thanks to the ESB App that enables several new features for a complete new e-bike experience to the end-user.  Diagnostic data are gathered in real time from the app, allowing to calculate the battery remaining life and the components usage with greater accuracy. The direct in-app connection with the customer service guarantees a precise and efficient support thanks to the automatic transmission of the vehicle data to the cloud platform.

The app encourages also users to share their feeds on major social networks. As a result, the brand gets exposed to a wider audience, the marketing investments are optimized and the brand message spreads rapidly.


Remote data check & Anti-theft system

The ESB ePlus equipped vehicles are built with an additional GPS/GPRS module. It allow users to control e-bike parameters, battery state of charge and its geo-location on a remote basis. With ESB ePlus, the e-bike transmits data to the cloud autonomously, whether or not connected to a smartphone.

The embedded GPS/GPRS module of ESB ePlus affords an additional and very useful function: it creates an efficient protection against vehicle theft thanks to the geo-location control of the vehicle. The e-bike owner is able to control and activate the alarm from the smartphone App and will receive warning signals on the smartphone each time the e-bike is displaced from its original location, thanks to the embedded accelerometer sensor.

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