Re-inventing the User Experience of a Breaktime


The continuous SITAEL activity in extending the IoT paradigm to different industries, recently involved a dedicated team in a new smart system, specifically designed for the Vending Machines market.

This market refers mainly to beverages, snacks and in general products dispensed by an automatic machine. The Vending Machines market is interested by several dynamics related to different processes according to different users point of view. For instance from the end-user side the interaction, in terms of usability,  accessibility and feedback, is definitely a driver of the quality experience. On the other side the vendor is involved in managing aspects about the supply-chain for products range purchase and refill process, about vending machine location according to the foot traffic, about repairs and maintenance action plans, not to mention theft, vandalism and coins falsification.

In this context statistics combined with data mining algorithms can support efficiently a decision support system,  especially if it is based on real-time and geo-located data, gathered from innovative hardware & software solution integrated with mobile and cloud computing.

MatyPay MatyPay - Mobile Payment System for Vending Machine

The result of the reinterpretation of Vending Machine Industry powered by SITAEL’s innovation is MatiPAY.

MatiPAY is the innovative payment system that provides a frictionless end-user experience combining the immediate connection between the vending machine and the smartphone app, with a virtual wallet rechargeable via cash dispenser, Credit Card or PayPal.

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