Instrumentation Solutions Designed for Scientific Measurements.


From its beginning Sitael has had a special relationship with Science, working for experiments at the forefront of Research. The design and production of high reliability electronics for Physics experiments in Space were the first activities which started a fruitful and durable collaboration with the world of Research and its Scientists. Today, thanks to the fast growth of recent years and to the skills acquired in other areas, SITAEL is a large enterprise with a strong commitment on innovation and a solid interest in the Scientific market.

  • Where there are investments on research there is rebirth, as history teaches.

    Pierluigi Pirrelli
    Pierluigi Pirrelli Managing Director at SITAEL S.p.A.

Our involvement is twofold. On the one hand we work as industrial partners of Scientific Institutions for the construction of the experiments of tomorrow; on the other we use the technologies and methodologies of Scientific Research in applications for the Environment, the Safety and the Security.

Big Physics


With a pool of people, physicists and engineers, who have made themselves scientific research firsthand, Sitael is the ideal partner to interface with the world of Research and to understand its peculiar problems. Our success is to provide the best and cost-effective solutions to make a conceptual apparatus an industrially feasible one, produced and reliable. Sitael can be involved at different stages of a Science project: from the initial definition of system requirements, to the design and industrialization, up to the production, testing and commissioning. The activities we perform are: system engineering, design (electronics, mechanical, software) and production (including test, commissioning and maintenance).


SITAEL provides innovative systems for radiation detection, in applications of environmental monitoring, safety and homeland security. Counting on its diversified collaborations with Universities and Research Institutions worldwide, SITAEL has access to state of the art technologies in the field. By integrating its strong expertise in electronics, microelectronics, detectors and system engineering, SITAEL’s solutions are customized to its clients’ needs. A skilled pool of Electronic/Electrical/Mechanical Engineers, Physicists and Software Developers can partner the customer from the definition of the system specifications, going through the choice of the most suited solutions for the application, up to the design, production, test and maintenance of the system.

Sitael Subsystems


SITAEL has a wide and long heritage of participation to scientific missions in Space. This is the sector where we can merge our passion for Science with our excellence in Space Technologies. Given the Space requirements of these scientific experiments, they are referred in the Space section of our site.


Sitael develops several R&D projects, either independently or in collaboration, and it is interested to establish new partnerships with Research Institutions to generate innovative instruments and joint research projects. If you need a valid industrial partner for your project or if you are developing a technology that can find applications into innovative products, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it.

Sitael R&D partnership