EP Power and Processing Units


Within the past 20 years SITAEL made several developments in the field of Electric Propulsion avionics, with a focus on High Voltage Power Supplies (HVPS) and Power and Processing Units (PPU) for Low and High Power Hall Effect Thrusters (HET). Today’s main products are a 300W PPU and a 5kW PPU, both successfully coupled with SITAEL Thrusters (HT 100 / HT 400 and HT 5k, respectively).

150W PPU

SITAEL is developing a COTS-based compact PPU designed to supply and control SITAEL HT100 Hall Effect thruster. The PPU fits inside two standard trays of SITAEL S-75 small satellite all-electric platform, but can be easily adapted in other small satellites form factors.

300W PPU

In the frame of the ESA/ISA MEPS project led by SITAEL and RAFAEL, SITAEL is responsible for the development of a PPU for a low power and low costs 300 W HET-based propulsion system for small satellites (< 300 kg). The PPU is suitable for SITAEL HT 100 and Rafael CAM-200 Hall Effect Thrusters with full redundant design.


SITAEL is developing a 5 kW PPU for SITAEL HT 5k and Snecma PPS-5000 Hall Effect Thrusters. An Elegant Breadboard is available since end of 2014 and a coupling test with HT 5k thruster has just been successfully performed.