Hall Effect Thrusters


Hall Effect Thrusters (HET) are the technology of choice for large GEO telecoms and other medium/high ΔV missions, quickly gaining acceptance for LEO applications as well. Thanks to their high specific impulse and proven reliability, HETs are also employed for space exploration (ESA SMART-1). These thrusters can work with satisfactory efficiencies over a power range from around 100 W up to tens of kW.

HT 100

The HT 100 Hall Effect Thruster (HET) is the smallest and lowest power HET ever developed in Europe, whose performance and characteristics represent the state-of-the-art of this technology. Based on permanent magnets, the HT 100 HET is designed to perform orbit control tasks on micro-satellites and AOCS tasks on mini-satellites. The HT 100 thruster unit and all the key sub-system components are fully based on European, ITAR-free technologies. The HT 100 thruster unit can be offered with its HC 1A S-type hollow cathode, 300 W max PPU and dedicated fluidics based on flight-proven valves.

HT 400

The HT 400 Hall Effect Thruster (HET) has been designed to perform orbit and attitude control tasks on micro and mini satellites. Its design, based on permanent magnets, is conceived to be installed onboard of Telecommunication and Earth observation platforms. In particular, it is in the forefront of Low Power Hall Effect Thrusters (LP-HET), thruster class especially suitable for small satellites where power and mass budgets are strongly limited.

sitael HT400


HT 5k Hall Effect Thruster (HET) has been designed to meet the requirements of modern communication and navigation satellites, performing propellant-saving LEO-GEO/LEO-MEO transfers as well as station keeping tasks on large geostationary platforms. Relying on Sitael’s heritage in HET technology, HT 5k is a high – efficient thruster with a magnetic system based on coils. Designed to be fed with Xenon, it can be effectively operated also with alternative propellants such as Kr maintaining excellent performance.

HT 20K

HT20k is a high-power Hall Effect Thruster (HET) designed to be operated at a nominal discharge power of 20kW. HT20k offers a favourable combination of performance, reliability, and lifetime for a variety of applications in future space transportation and exploration programs, as well as private commercial space missions. To improve the thruster-cathode coupling, HT20k features an internally mounted hollow cathode, the SITAEL HC60, located inside the inner pole of the magnetic circuit.