COTS-based Avionics


SITAEL designs and produces innovative solutions based on COTS components. ADCS and OBDH boards are based on ST Cortex M4 microcontroller, 128Kb Flash, 72+ MIPS. Both OBDH and ADCS controllers are in cold redundancy and the software architecture is based on a realtime operating system. Also the redundant transceiver boards are based on ST Cortex M4 microcontroller and CC1010 RF transceivers for UHF VHF communication.


SITAEL Telemetry/Telecommand (TMTC) is a communication device suitable for LEO orbits. The TMTC is capable to receive telecommands from Ground Station and send telemetry data to Earth at a datarate up to 153.6 kpbs. The digital architecture is based on ARM Cortex-M4 32 Bit microcontroller and is equipped with watchdog, OVP and SEL protection. It includes redundant CAN BUS and redundant RS-422 interfaces and up to 48 Mbytes of flash memory for data storage. Computing units have undergone TID ( > 30 Krads) and SEE test. SEU protection is implemented at board level.

sitael TMTC


SITAEL OBDH is designed to host on-board data handling and AOCS computation functionality. The device is built around a 32-bit ARM Cortex M4, equipped with the peripheral required to communicate with sensors and actuators.

Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit for Small Satellites

SITAEL Power Conditioning and Distribution Units (PCDU) are the core of SITAELs’ Electric Power Systems, both for micro and mini satellites. Specifically designed for LEO orbits, fully redundant, low mass and size, SITAEL PCDUs can address differentiated power needs, ranging from 300W up to 1200W.