Earth Observation Services


SITAEL provides services in many application sectors using innovative paradigma to elaborate information from multi-sources of data. The value is to provide complete, precise and updated products and services. The combination of data from Small Satellites, Institutional and Commercial Satellites, Airborne and In-situ sensors, through an innovative and efficient Data Integration Centre, provides useful services for Environmental Monitoring, Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection, Industrial & Home activities and Security, Surveillance and Defence applications.


In this context the applications are focused on services to monitor the environment and the impacts of human activities. The services provide products to assess and monitor the status of forestry, rural and remote areas, marine environment, rivers, water basins and the impact of urban and regional planning on the environment.

Aid & Civil Protection

The services support Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection activities for NGO, governative entities and regional authorities. The services provide products and information in case of landslide and flooding events, marine disasters, earthquake and volcanic events, burning and urban heat island.

Industrial & Home

SITAEL develops services for industrial and home activities to improve the processes and to monitor any potential risks. The services provide information for precision farming and fishing activities, pollution impact on area of industrial plants, monitoring of infrastructures, evaluation of energy saving and services for weather forecast.

Security & Defence

SITAEL services in this field support security, surveillance and defence activities for governative authorities and military entities. The services are focused on illegal activities monitoring, homeland security, peacekeeping campaigns support and Space Situational Awareness (Space weather, Space surveillance and tracking and near Earth object observation).