sitael ELISIR

TIR Imaging

Multispectral optical sensors able to acquire the TIR emission of the observed scene provide the spectral signature of the framed objects and give information about their chemical-physical characteristics. The high number of bands and the high spectral resolution make SITAEL Instrument able to satisfy a wide range of possible applications, from humanitarian aid and civil protection to security, surveillance and defense.

SiPM-based Spectroscopy

SITAEL is working on advanced instruments based on new generation Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM) modules for innovative spectroscopic analyses in Earth Observation remote sensing applications. The great sensitivity of SiPM detectors can be used for the development of sensors that operate in poor lighting conditions, or to obtain a considerable increase of the spatial and / or spectral resolution of imaging systems operating in ordinary lighting conditions.

SMART  – Spettrometro Miniaturizzato Avanzato per Ricerca Tecnologica

SITAEL is working on an advanced instrument (miniaturized spectrometer for space use) defining the interfaces with a Minisatellite platform (e.g. PLATINO) and the mission design to satisfy the requests of the scientific community and users.

SAPERE – Space Advanced Project for Excellence in Research and Enterprise

The project “SAPERE SAFE”, was focused on the improvement of “services for emergency management” (crisis management) in different domains, with a wider use of “space technology”.