COTS-based Avionics


SITAEL designs and produces innovative solutions based on COTS components. ADCS and OBDH boards are based on ST Cortex M4 microcontroller, 128Kb Flash, 72+ MIPS. Both OBDH and ADCS controllers are in cold redundancy and the software architecture is based on a realtime operating system. Also the redundant transceiver boards are based on ST Cortex M4 microcontroller and CC1010 RF transceivers for UHF VHF communication.


SITAEL Telemetry/Telecommand (TMTC) is a communication device suitable for LEO orbits. The TMTC is capable to receive telecommands from Ground Station and send telemetry data to Earth at a datarate up to 153.6 kpbs. The digital architecture is based on ARM Cortex-M4 32 Bit microcontroller and is equipped with watchdog, OVP and SEL protection. It includes redundant CAN BUS and redundant RS-422 interfaces and up to 48 Mbytes of flash memory for data storage. Computing units have undergone TID ( > 30 Krads) and SEE test. SEU protection is implemented at board level.

sitael TMTC


SITAEL OBDH is designed to host on-board data handling and AOCS computation functionality. The device is built around a 32-bit ARM Cortex M4, equipped with the peripheral required to communicate with sensors and actuators.

Power Management Board

SITAEL Power Management Board (PMB) is a small satellite power conditioning and monitoring unit suitable for LEO orbits. The PMB regulates the power received by the solar array through a Sequential Switching Shunt Regulator (S3R) and the Main Bus voltage control is performed by a triple redundant Main Error Amplifier (MEA) in a majority voting system.