SITAEL at IAC 2020 Cyberspace

More than the past years SITAEL is proud to be IAF member and to take active part to the first IAC Cyberspace edition. In these challenging times, when physical meetings are nearly impossible, the International Astronautical Federation and its most important Space event IAC, are playing their unifying role for the space community.  During the technical sessions SITAEL  will present the following papers about:
  • SITAEL’s activities on the development of air breathing technology – Session C4.9 – paper #3 – Presenter: Dr. Tommaso Andreussi – : Since 2014, SITAEL has been developing an Air-Breathing Electric Propulsion (RAM-EP) system. This innovative system allows to generate thrust in the upper atmosphere of either the Earth or other suitable celestial bodies without any need of on-board propellant.
  • Development of Hollow Cathodes at SITAEL – Session C4.5 – paper #9 Presenter: Dr. Alena Kitaeva – Considered one of the most critical elements in electric propulsion thruster units, SITAEL has a portfolio of high- and low- current hollow cathodes to couple with Hall thrusters of power levels ranging from 100 W up to 25 kW.
  • Development Status of the Xenon Propulsion Subsystem for the Ital-GovSatCom Platform – Session C4.5 – paper #5 – Presenter: Dr. Tommaso Andreussi – The SITAEL’s 5kW-class Electric Propulsion System was selected for the Ital-GovSatCom (I-GSC) programme. It will achieve qualification for putting into service an innovative all-electric platform for GEO telecom applications.

Moreover, we are proud to be co-authoring with Air Liquide of the paper:

  • Enabling ambitious space science missions thanks to 10K-20K cryocooling – Session B4.6A – paper 8 – where tests are presented showing that the cooler reached 6.9K zero load temperature. This makes it suitable for a large number of science missions requiring cooling in the 10K-20K temperature range such as ATHENA mission.

IAC has been always an intense week during which all space players meet to discuss the advancement and progress of space. We are sure the 71th Cyberspace edition of the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) #IAC2020, will be even followed and participated.

Data: accessible 24 hours from Monday 12 October, 14:40 Paris Time to Wednesday 14 October, 17:30 Paris Time

Links: Online sessions will be accessible on the dedicated website which will use Zoom for the broadcast.

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Event Name IAC 2020 – 71st  International Astronautical Congress – The Cyberspace Edition
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From 12th October , 2020
To 14th October, 2020