SITAEL and BridgeSat Bring High-Performance, Low-Cost Laser Satellite Communications to Businesses and Government Agencies in Europe and Beyond

Bremen, Germany (October 1st, 2018) – SITAEL S.p.A. and BridgeSat Inc. today announced the intention to work together in order to provide businesses and governments across Europe and other regions with affordable access to laser-based satellite broadband. The partnership is the latest milestone toward BridgeSat’s goal of providing organizations worldwide with a faster, less expensive alternative to traditional radio frequency (RF) solutions for low earth orbit (LEO) and geostationary earth orbit (GEO) applications.

SITAEL provides its customers with access to a variety of space services and applications, including in-house design and production of small satellites. BridgeSat owns and operates a global network of ground stations and complimentary satellite terminals that provide high-bandwidth solutions for unique applications while complementing RF in hybrid networks.

The agreement gives the start to a collaboration that the two companies intend to put into effect through a EU-based joint venture that will work to expand the global availability of optical communications capabilities. Key attributes of the joint venture would include:

• SITAEL and BridgeSat jointly support customers across Europe, expanding BridgeSat’s presence in the region and its ability to directly support EU space missions.

• SITAEL and BridgeSat examine global opportunities that benefit from key attributes of optical communications, including other specific regions outside Europe where SITAEL also has a presence that will be enhanced by these product offerings.

• The development of an Optical Ground Station in the Italian region that expands the global coverage for space optical communications. SITAEL will lead the development of this ground station, including siting, operations, and maintenance.

“Our new agreement with SITAEL is the latest example of how BridgeSat is delivering on its promise to revolutionize broadband satellite communications,” said Barry Matsumori, BridgeSat CEO. “Like us, they have an innovative, fundamentally superior approach that democratizes satellite communications, making it an affordable yet high-quality option for businesses and government agencies around the world.”

Mr. Nicola Zaccheo – Sitael CEO – commented “With this agreement SITAEL reinforces its position as one of the main innovator of the Space business in the Space Economy era. Optical communications will give our satellites (and our customers’) much faster data transmission allowing more flexibility and better performance. We have strong belief in this business and there is no better way to enter it than a partnership with BridgeSat.